We identify global best practices to solve local problems.

1. Investigate

Every market is different, so every market demands a different approach. Our first step is to understand the energy challenges specific to a location and identify organizations that would be productive partners.

2. Refine

Leveraging our team’s international experience and best practices from around the world, we drive innovative solutions to problems specific to local market conditions.

3. Perfect

We remain invested in the partnership over a long time horizon to continually reinforce success and help our partners adapt to changing markets.

Our Values

Economic Democracy

The traditional division between the owners and workers has reinforced inequality over the past centuries. Qorax incubates innovative models for worker-owned and -managed enterprises in order to combat this trend. We are committed both to profitability and the maximization of employment opportunities.

Social Justice

At global and local levels, different groups are excluded from governance power structures. We view economic empowerment — and, in particular, the politically transformative potential of distributed energy generation — as a key driver to ensure the resilience of communities.

Environmental Protection

A tendency to ignore negative environmental externalities has put the world on an unsustainable path. Through international collaboration on research and enterprise development, Qorax promotes world-system level approaches to business that are environmentally-sound.

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