What Are the Dangers of Solar Panels?

Although solar energy is considered safer, more efficient and cleaner than that obtained through traditional generators and power plants, the production and operation of a solar energy collector panel is neither wholly safe nor ecological. In addition to the fact that they depend on environmental conditions and that they represent potential health risks, due to … Read more

If we are late, we lose

If the electricity market were not covered by characteristics that significantly distance it from other markets, the pulse that is being waged today in our country between renewable technologies and conventional technologies would have occurred ten years ago. Moreover, the role of the administration in the transition process would not go beyond a limited surveillance … Read more

Solar Energy in California: Have Americans Gone Crazy?

This summer we visited California, specifically the city of San Francisco. I was struck by the excellent public transport network they have, where trams, modern trolleybuses, hybrid electric buses, others powered by fuel cells and metro harmoniously coexist with bike lanes, which dispute the asphalt to cars, not to pedestrians, and with the traditional and … Read more

EnerSom and the Road Ahead

Exciting times! After two years spent researching and consulting in Somalia’s energy market, Qorax is thrilled to announce the launch of EnerSom, our first portfolio company. EnerSom distributes renewable and efficient consumer energy products at the household level to the people that need them most. The company is led by Abdishakur Mohamoud, a Somali with … Read more


We identify global best practices to solve local problems. 1. Investigate Every market is different, so every market demands a different approach. Our first step is to understand the energy challenges specific to a location and identify organizations that would be productive partners. 2. Refine Leveraging our team’s international experience and best practices from around … Read more